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A prefaceA preface

a Manga

We are drawing some "Manga"s, meaning is Comic or Cartoon ... in Japanese.
There is a Statement of Manga, but Companion girl does not work...
Manga has been born in Japan, long long time ago.
After the world war II, A famous Manga creator made revolution on Japanese-Comic scene.
Most of japanese knew it, and there is so.

Manga is not equal to Comics, or Cartoons. It is a part of Original Japanese Culture.
Because of the reason, we draw and write them from right to left.

Are they your favorites?Then....
We are not being concerned with commercial(major) "Manga", "Anime".

And... Basically, most of articles written on this page are ******* :-)


Notes to read

There are change places " I " and "We" because the author of these pages is one of ordinary people(an amateur as a writer).

Some "Manga" creator who have no skill of English language, have a tendency to express the opinions with "Manga". That never be making a fool out of you.
Truly, they cannot speak English, it's all.

These articles aren't to encourage the sexal discrimination!

"R-rated" in your sight now is never "X-rated".



←One of "Manga" we drew, B6 size white paper, we draw Manga on it with a pencil.
Pen-and-ink, or Ball-point pen, we use it, draw lines on pencil's lines.
After dried it up, rub out pencil's lines.
This is the Original. We scan it into Computer.
Put colors on it, in a drawing soft application.
DownSizing to 250 * 350 Pixels.

This example says that....
How to draw the figure of running person, but this is a little eccentric portrayal, it cannot be suitable for girls, I guess so.

We are calling these "MiniMini Web Manga".
minimini-Manga gallery(but japanese language only)

At 16/07/2007, We lost our Scanner, to use too heavy.
Ever since that time, we are drawing many Mangas with the Mouse directly!

[A postscript]
You can take pictures you drew with a digital(mobile phone's) camera!
And send the data of pictures you captured to your PC!
That is equal to using a scanner, don't you?

[A postscript]
At 25/12/2015, We got a new Scanner... eh? U-S-B....? (←ex-Win95 user)
Oh! the times have been brought about a great advance, it's beaten me.
the scales of the eyes have come off.

Nouth wind and the SunJapanese Manga creators have a tendency to make persistently a distinction between "Manga" and "I-ra-su-to(illustrations)".
(but, ordinary people don't so, completely)
What have frames and clouds(written words), The creators judge them as "Manga". On the whole, others may be judged as kind of illustrations.

←An example. Which do you think, that is a "Manga" or an illustration?
(by the way, they are speaking in constructed language that I made, "North wind and the Sun")

If you created a illustration but you guess that that is a Manga, that your opinion can cause a misunderstanding storm on you and your circumference.
I have detected the great difference between "Manga" and the illustration!!!
That is the means. this is the goal.
....... You cannot understand what I am claiming? I am sorry.

How to Draw?How to Draw?
Knowledge of drawing Manga

playing F-ZERO   playing cards
↑↑↑ Examples(no avail)

You have to make some Characters of person because works of "Manga" are made out of persons as Character. You want to obtain how to create the characters for you?
Don't you have some friends (without your preference for them)? They are under the fortune that they have to go to be Your Character decidedly.

We do not tell you as "how to draw manga with utmost care and kindness".
Because you must find it by yourself for your skill at drawing.
Draw, draw, draw. And be worried about drawing after drawing.

How to draw faces. There is no royal road. draw and draw.(←importunate)
When people do not laugh your Character you drew, your Characters have been complete.
You have to draw girls beautifully or prettily. Else, you 'll be cursed to after 7 generations, thay say so.

EXAMPLES( victims? )
A very common girl, There is no problem. Demonic figure.
She has wings, I saw Sure!
Killer mantis? NO, Just a slender girl. A cat in house.
I saw Sure!
At the same Costume
Tiny figure.
Toy girl.
short of stature with an antenna normal stature. Big stature.

Distinction of Statures are the most Important point. It is a great physical character of Characters. And Hair style, too. And Items they have.

Left-End Tiny girl has a strange Item. Called "Harisen (Hurry-sane)", made of hard paper. Using to smash persons without damages.
Next girl has an Antenna on the head. It is no-meaning, just a mark of "This is the girl I want to draw"(A mark to Identify).

insects insects
Perfect metamorphosis[A postscript]
An example of disgraceful.
Do you like insects? Traditional japanese people can tell the difference by hearing chirping out of insects that live in a grassy place(un-seen).
Japanese have felt a sense of closeness to them(except mosquitoes, cockroaches, bees, and the other harmful insects).
What? You cannot make distinction between harmful ones and others? I am sorry that case....
Primarily, Japanese people are fond of the personification. (including inanimate objects, battleships, swords, nations... and also, those are expressed with a figure of a girl, mostly... XD)

School Swimming suit. Gymnastic exercises' wear. Cheer leader's Uniform. ???
for moon-races.

Some variety of Strange Costumes.
I don't have a common knowledge about girls' wear. But it is easy to draw girls who are dressed lightly.
This drawing style do not make Eroticism you, they, such as the girls can try on any clothes.

And, when I was a little kid I heard that bunnies are living on the moon :-)

Snegurochka? [A postscript]
Strange costumes for peoples who are not japanese.
Those are general clothes for japanese schoolgirls in their late teens.
(The color coordination is poor looking because of my circumstances)
I do not know why I guess japanese schoolgirls want to show the legs positively. Of cource that case is not disliked, a condition of getting more closer to nakedness(natural body-line) makes you easy way of drawing.
Eh? TRUE reason to draw? well... I consider carefully that....
[A postscript+ ]
In my opinion, why japanese people are fond of being dressed lightly? After all, in short, That is caused by the climate(weather) of Japan.
In Japan, there is too enough Dampness! especially in summer season.
(imagine, you are in a steam bath with having clothes on)
It's entirely out of the question... it seems to be the jungle, American occupying army soldiers said so. Always they were considering to improve the ventilation for the health. this is a pretty true story.
For that reason, the dressed lightly is necessary for the girls.
(the specimen of a poor excuse)

pattern-1 [A postscript]
pattern-2"Manga" should be drawn with adjusting for readers who can read(watch) the works that have been created by you.
Serious characters should be used for serious stories. Kids are no use to those. (but, works like that can exist, that case confuse the mind....)
Easier said than done. But try to keep in mind these subjects always.
And, restoring generation gap is not easy. Old creator who pretend to be young, cannot draw new generation's ones. it must be found out.

But, all of efforts are precious!! <--- cheat

[A postscript]
A girl who wears glasses. She seems to be wise, having slow reflexes(dull), being shy, (deleted discriminative words)-looking.....
For the reasons stated above, kinds of these girls are estimated so, in "Manga".
These girls(I don't know why, I've limited to this race that they are only girls) keep the invisible potential power to themselves, probably. (but, in Manga of today, it is not always so. And they have been recently as "Otaku"(eccentric, lewd) girls)
On that account, you should keep kind of race, for your better future of Manga.
glasses [An example of the set up]
When she puts off the glasses, the eyesight and the shame turn to be 1/10
(one tenth)!!!
... how do you think about this situation?

※Just to make sure, if we have not written the words here with PC letters, no one will be able to search and find this article.


ClassClass (Occupation)

Kinds of characters

What is Your Created Character's Class? Hero(ine), Support part, Joker, A part of background, or Being as your Toys .....
"Support part" is A Rival in once occasion, A Right hand in other.
"Joker" is Un-controlled Person. Nobody knows what the person will do.
"A part of background" is silent. but person of this kind's words are Heavy.
"As your Toys" .... It is not sexal-distinction. It is YOUR (my) DESIRE, Victim!
I think I am writing dirty words probably. But I don't know Political words, phrases.

Hero(ine) is not equal the Host(ess) or Key-Person.
Often Heroine is just a contestable person.
Hero(ine) as all round player is not liked by common persons.
And, the only female among guys is not Heroine. She should be a ordinary girl.


to deformDon't you want to create the CG works(like above-mentioned)?
But, I wonder if you don't know how to that?
I arranged a very cheap way of making CG.(and if you practice, you will improve that much more)

How to process to Manga(cheapie)

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