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Old clan age
It is said that mountains of YAKUSHIMA are made Ryozen for the native of the island, YAKUSUGI that soars there is worshiped as a sacred tree, and there was no deforested one.

It became about the 17th century, and SATSUMAHAN that ruled YAKUSHIMA paid attention from a purpose such as fiscal to the resource of YAKUSUGI and began deforesting at that time also making a suggestion of the Confucianism person of the YAKUSHIMA coming from.

As for SATSUMAHAN, the YAKUSHIMA magistrate was left to attempt the woods politics of YAKUSUGI, the YAKUSHIMA magistrate was left furthermore instead of the magistrate, and generalization ruled the industrial economy of the island. About YAKUSUGI, all processes from deforestation to carrying out were severely restricted, Hiraki was done in first, and a kind of monopoly system was set up as the exchange with rice etc. etc.

The one that it was possible to use it as Hiraki was deforested at that time, and the surplus material what it was not possible to use it as Hiraki even if it deforested it the tree was removed, the person shouldered, and had put out to Banki and after it had used it was left in the mountain. (It is called Tstitstiki now and uses it for the YAKUSUGI craft goods etc.)

The distribution of a natural Japan cedar of YAKUSHIMA is 600 in Table m or more, and it extends from the one with a small stump of the cryptomeria deforested at that time to the big one to the entire island and it is seen in the forest up to above sea level about 1400m.

Moreover, is it 300 years in such a forest?It is said that this is because the cryptomeria of less than the 500th grader with a good feature was deforested at that time though the cryptomeria of the 800 th grader is hardly seen. It can be said that a famous big tree including the Jomon Japan cedar was able to survive because at that time, it was not for Hiraki if it modifies one's views now.

SATSUMAHAN deforested a lot of cryptomerias of YAKUSHIMA during the remainder. Afterwards, the greater part of the forest of YAKUSHIMA will be incorporated into national forest.

From Meiji Restoration to prewar days
After Meiji Restoration, the forest of the Shimazu clan ownership will be managed as national forest. However, the lawsuit of tears under national forest was brought from the native of the island of whom the objection who was the land government and the people having division in 1904. As many as 17 years of the ownership of land and the trials that reached were concluded in 1920, and the country won the case.

The country showed "Outline of the YAKUSHIMA national forest management", so-called "YAKUSHIMA constitution", in 1921 next year, started the organization of the first enforcement idea, and settled on in 1923. This becomes a start of management as national forest.

At this time, the consignment woods is set to a mountain near the village. Then, it was assumed that the yak cryptomeria virgin forest was permanently preserved, set the woods of the protection of the science reference of 4200ha, and the protection of the yak cryptomeria was started positively while the use development of the yak cryptomeria was both advanced.

The following national forest has been managed for the development of the region by the establishment of starting work of the transfer, the bargain sale of the fuel material, and the local and time of surroundings roads etc. while considering the YAKUSHIMA constitution enough. The life tree used only the stump and Tstitstiki as Kinki, and it went about the yak cryptomeria around the use of KOSUGI.

Substance of YAKUSHIMA constitution
1、Attempt the profit of local as a consignment woods about about 7000 chos of the part of the island in the surrounding in mountains.
2、Consider the local's starting work when you afforest it.
3、Allot cost to the road, especially the establishment of the road of the island in the surrounding.

Postwar days
It was burnt down soon in the war after the war, the wood demand increased for destroyed house building and building rebuilding, the idea of valuing the material production for YAKUSHIMA was taken, and the majority of interior Gaku was incorporated into the object region of the forest development in 1951.

The decision of the plan of the YAKUSHIMA forestry development in 1960, and it is along the policy of the productive capacity reinforcement, and all are ..cutting.. as for the natural forest, and it has advanced to the man-made forest mostly in the converted direction.

Ki man-made forest enforcement of every one
Everyone almost plants the cryptomeria from the cryptomeria suitable on ..cutting.. site in YAKUSHIMA. The cryptomeria seedling is planted considering the forest ecosystem now though the seedling outside the island was planted from the lack of the seedling partially for a certain period of time after the war.

It became about 1970 years, the protest campaign by the nature conservation movement started for the natural forest deforestation of YAKUSHIMA, and it became the serious one to conflict about the lumber industry and the forestry engaging person. Afterwards, various measures for the protection of the natural forest in which it centered on the yak cryptomeria like enhancing the national park district, the expansion of the protection woods, and the setting of the forest ecosystem protection region, etc. were taken.

YAKUSHIMA Forest environmental preservation center issue
「YAKUSHIMA's Forest」Reference

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Flat tree and YAKUSHIMA's Currency
To make the finance of HAN Yutaka when SHIMAZUHAN puts YAKUSHIMA, the tax will be put. There was servitude that the land tax paid according to the area of the field and the residence ,in a word, present property tax and the adult male paid by labor. It was made to pay with FLAT TREE made from YAKUSUGI thinking that it was advantageous to make it pay by the one that making it few the rice field, and pay by rice in YAKUSHIMA is not in another place on economy. Three bunches roughly though Tosha, the poor, and there were some differences though it is an amount of the land tax paid to one time?It is thought that they were four bunches. By the way, the size of one bunch is estimated to be as many as FLAT TREE 100 piece.