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Suddenly a Search-War broke out!

7th FoxHole RadioLook at them!Occidental search engines have found out our radio pages we published already.
But most of our pages we wrote are written in Japanese language. English readers can not read and understand them.
So, we have written again about Radios, Crystal(Xtal) sets in English language.
You intend to go into these pages, click the links below.

Get your own one yourself!RADIO ***** with several inexpensive(cheap) experiments
Cat got my tongue....Principles ***** with several silly talks in cheap English
I'm watching 'hello-Kasan' on TV every day!
my Hobbies page
(but these have been written in Japanese)

An explanation(sob)We explain some matters out of "Manga"s all the time.
These are not captions, similar to explanations with letters, especially in Japan. These are surely ordinary cases for us.
(just in this site?) And our great chairman is a seriously earnest person probably.... chairman??

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